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We provide a comprehensive view of your financial life and all the factors that go into life planning. What this means to you is help with personal decision making and putting a date on things. We help you manage your finances and investments, while taking into consideration tax planning, professional moves, children, retirement, healthcare and other important priorities. It’s about life planning and gaining more comfort with your long-term financial security.

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2017 Best Place to Work
Posted By:  Sean Vaught
Monday, December 11, 2017

At Total Wealth Planning, our team is our best investment, and it seems that our commitment to the team hasn’t gone unnoticed. We are proud to announce that we’ve been honored by two publications with a Best Places to Work award from Ohio Business Magazine award and a nomination for the Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2017 Best Places to Work award.

In order to determine the winner of the Best Workplaces in Ohio award, the Ohio Business Magazine collects nominations during June and July of each year. These nominees are then reviewed and judged by a committee. Total Wealth Planning is one of 60 companies honored in the fall issue of Ohio Business Magazine.

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Our nomination for the Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2017 Best Places to Work competition came from a member of our team, then all employees completed an anonymous and independent survey to be considered for the award.  Our team was honored to be a finalist, and enjoyed the awards reception in November.  While we didn’t take home the winning spot, we met a lot of great people who shared ideas on improving our business to try again in the future. 


So what makes Total Wealth Planning such a great place to work, and why would our team members want to nominate us for these awards? I’m nearing my one-year anniversary working at Total Wealth Planning, and even though I am the newest member of the team, I’ve been made to feel like I am part of a family.

Many people have their own preconceived idea of working in an office. In fact, some might think that if you’re not a freewheeling, starving artist, then you’re probably living in a strip of Scott Adams’ beloved comic, Dilbert. You know, where cold, windowless grey buildings are filled with miserably jaded and passive aggressive employees.

Trust me, I’ve had that experience and those comics, while they may seem like a caricature of corporate life, are actually spot on. Working in that environment has helped me appreciate what an amazing culture we have at Total Wealth Planning.  Even during the interview process, I began to feel less like a possible candidate and more like a part of the team. Instead of meeting manager after manager in plain conference rooms, different groups of teams took me out to lunch as a way to get to know me, my personal interests, and life pursuits.  Once I got the job, my wife and I were invited to the company Christmas party even though I hadn’t started yet!

That was my first insight into the culture here. I have never felt more supported and appreciated than I do now. We all have our different roles to play, but our real job is to work as a team to ensure that every client experiences our extra-mile service and expert wealth planning guidance.  Nobody on our team is too busy to lend a hand, and our management team has their sleeves rolled up and works alongside us.  Every employee at the office has one goal: to be helpful to every client by providing a trusted, knowledgeable resource to solve life’s simple and complex investment and financial planning needs. 

At Total Wealth Planning, we’re passionate about the work we do for our clients, and we couldn’t do it without our amazing staff. For over 25 years, we’ve been building a dream team of dedicated employees, and we couldn’t be a Best Place to Work winner and nominee without them. 

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